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Unleash Earning Power


Scale your business with multiple Facebook accounts in just a few minutes. Effortlessly expand your business and save substantial time and money, all through the convenience of your computer.



Based on the best anti-detect browser technology Hidemyacc, Autoface can run unlimited Facebook accounts without being detected.

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What can be done with


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Manage Unlimited Accounts

Efficiently manage and run multiple Facebook accounts at the same time using available scripts, ensuring your accounts remain secure without checkpoints

Achieve Marketing Goals

Guide targeted customers through strategic media messaging to boost brand awareness and influence the purchasing decision-making process.

Increase Revenue Streams

Automatically add new friends and increase engagement on your profile or business fanpage, enabling you to reach with more potential customers and boost visibility on Facebook.

Reduce Manual Works

Simplify your tasks through automation, empowering you to optimize your business operations, save time, and focus on driving growth and innovation


How it works?

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Create your script

Without coding skill, you can freely create and edit your own automation script on Facebook
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Automation Settings

Set up the running time, proxy,... as your wish.
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Passive Income

Your job is replaced! Let's do something else.


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